Perforating would help create a clean perforating tunnel, using a static Under Balance technique. A clean perforating tunnel would have an added value for dynamic hydrocarbon flows to the wellbore without blockages.

We use the firing-redundance system to perforate 2 different formation in one well. The equipment can be operated with or without DST equipment. The system would help customers to maximize their reservoir performance.

TCP enables long intervals of perforation in one single trip, saving significant rig time and costs. TCP optimizes well flow by maximizing perforation length and entry hole size. Our Redundant Firing System provides backup firing capability, enabling us to perforate two different formations in one well. The static under balanced pressure under which TCP operates ensure better perforation cleanup, facilitating better flow of hydrocarbons from the formation into the wellbore. This system can be customized to suit any combination of gun diameter, length and shot density, with or without DST equipment. We utilize a wide array of HSD Gun sizes, from 2.75", 3.3752 4.5" through 7.00" and shot densities ranging from 5 through 21 spf.

tcp poto

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