Subsurface equipment (Drill stem testing) equipped with EMR/SRO latch. we make good use of annulus pressure-controlled downhole tester valve during layer testing. We are aware of the ever-increasing operation, whic is why our equipment is design for 10K psi operation pressure to accomodate these rigorous requirments.

 Our DST equipment is also optionally furnished with a latch mechanism into which an SPO tool is latched, making it possible to monitor pressure below the tester valve during shut-in in order to reduce wellbore storage effect which may significantly smear the accuracy of reservoir productivity evaluation. Our E-barrel system provides effective pressure monitoring,helps to reduce Pig Time. This, in turn, plays a significant role in reducing coring costs


We excel in terms of quality compared to other local service companies. Our downhole equipment enables drill stem testing up to 5 wells simultaneously using annulus pressure operated Pressure Controlled Tester valve (LPR-N Valve). Our equipment meets the 10 K psi working pressure requirement and is made of NACE-compliant material, making it suitable for use in H2S-containing environments. It is also possible to optionally install SRO Latch (E-Barrel) in order to monitor pressure below tester valve during shut-in.

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