From the Indonesian oil and gas industry, we dedicate a competency integrated upstream services, PT. Bama Bumi Sentosa. in the upstream Oil and Gas Services BBS is an alternative option that is appropriate for the total solution with high quality service and economical price. Supported by professional workers, the latest technology and the best service. This makes the BBS as a solution to the national and international oil and gas players.

Vision & Mision


To be leading oil, gas and geothermal exploration service company, built upon the principles of excellent safety, healt , and enviroment as well as responsible entrepreneurship and business ethic.


To provide outstanding oil, gas and geothermal exploration services by,

  1. Embracing our strategic business partners as a part of a synergistic business development undertaking and together to embark upon the effort to realize our joint commitments.
  2. Striving for perfection in meeting excellent quality standards, health, safety and enviroment.
  3. Making every effort to develop the potentials and competence off all staff members in order to build a qualified and solid team and a conducive working enviroment.
  4. Maintaining close relationship with local citizens, authorities as well as business communities within and adjection to the exploration site.

QHSE Policy




As an oil and gas company (well testing, Drill stem test, wireline, H2S safety & Monitoring and general service) PT. Bama Bumi sentosa has the commitment to run everything safety, preventing enviromental harm and fulfill the customer requirment.


In order to cope with commitment, PT. Bama Bumi Sentosa implements OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008 to ensure the effectiveness of work accident prevention and guarantee th company capability to run the business in high standard and fulfill the customer requirment.We run our business by the govermental rules and standard and build an effective system to guarantee a continuos improvement and development.


BAMA PT BUMI SENTOSA in carrying out its activities always puts the safety, security and environment. This we do in order to reach the goal Zero Incident. And the shape of it all is to create; environment and infrastructure that is safe for all workers and also sub-contractors.In addition, we always do a good standard operational procedure in order to get the maximum results with high qulaity control that ensures every perkejaan can be accomplished in a timely and maximum quality.

Corporate Values

T. Tanggung Jawab / Responsibility

We act, think and behave accountably in conformity with the corporate standards and understand every aspect of activity carried out

A. Amanah / Trustworthiness

We believe in the attributes of honestty, respect, integrity, reliability and loyality, and we apply them in our daily personal and profesional endeavours.

S. Sinergi / Synergi

We value different wiewpoints and have a high regard for the oponions of other. however, we execute plans together, maintain constant coordination as well as communication and behave in ways that bring out the strengths of each individual on the team.

B. Bekerja Profesional / Professionalism

We are here to make a valuable difference to our stakeholder. In doing so, we think act and behave to the highest possible standard. We seek continuos improvement and take pride in what we do.

I. Integritas / Integrity

We believe that our reputation is based upon our ability to fulfill the expectations. We do so by being honest and Consistent, taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions.

H. Hasil Tawakal / Conviction

we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in what we do. We have faith that when work, commitment along woth maximum effort would give the best result on our work.